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We are confident that you will love our products. Please send us an email at and let us know how we are doing and how you like our products. 

Hear what our customers have to say:

"MatchaMe Cosmetics has changed how I approach my skincare in every way!  Their wonderful natural products and anti-aging properties has given my skin a renewed life and healing, that has been commented on time and time again.  Their commitment to the environment, to natural products,  their incredible customer service and creating products specifically to help your own needs is simply second to none.  I cannot recommend this company high enough and will continue to order and re-order!  The products are generous and long lasting,  and as someone with sensitive skin, nourishing and healing."                      ~ Susan Eichhorn-Young,  New York, NY
“I’ve only used MatchaMe products for a short time, but I will never switch back to another (more expensive) product. Green Dog does wonders for my face, especially with my acne flare-ups and since switching to BeYouTiful my Mother asked me if I started getting Botox.... yes, it’s made that much of a difference!”                         ~ Kristine DiMauro
"I don't usually use this page to hawk anything but that good music in ya ear BUT this stuff is so good I had to share w you. 
I tried this serum, I LOVED IT, and I used it twice a day while in Santa Fe. It saved my skin. It's magical. Everything this woman makes is magical! She is the genius behind it all. Check it out for yourselves, you won't be disappointed!" ~ Stefanie M.
" I had a later-in-life-onset of cystic acne and thought I was going to have to live with the embarrassing pimples and subsequent scars and dark spots for the rest of my life.
MatchaMe skin care products have changed my life! MatchaMe's Green Dog Acne Eraser, Lemon Turmeric Face Scrub and BeYOUtiful Serum saved my skin. My acne is gone, the dark spots have cleared, and my skin tone has evened out.
No more hiding behind layers of makeup.
I feel comfortable in my own skin again!
I also love the fact that my new sink care regimen is comprised of natural ingredients: no mystery ingredients or carcinogens are found in MatchaMe products.
To add to the amazingness of MatchaMe, a portion of their proceeds go to earth-friendly charities.
Thank you, MatchaMe, for saving my skin, for helping me rediscover my confidence, for reminding us that we are all beautiful, and for doing your part in helping keep our earth beautiful, too."  ~ C. López
"I've been trying to find Eco-friendly skin care for so long, and I've finally found my match(a-me) 😉 MatchaMe was founded and run by a true beauty for a cause. She uses the finest all natural, organic substances and plants and avoids any parabens, and artificial ingredients. It's 100% cruelty free too. While you're caring for your skin, you're helping the environment as well! ...Here, I'm wearing the "black seed & red clay face mask". I've never felt so refreshed from a face mask before and it has become a part of my routine before every event, appearance, or photo shoot I have!! 💚  Thank you MatchaMe Cosmetics."                           ~ J. Cunmulaj, Miss Michigan Earth United States
"I have never used better products in my entire life! The quality of this skincare line is the best in the world without a doubt. BeYOUtiful serum is pure magic in a bottle." ~ Caroline Baric
"Matchame products are AMAZINGGG!!! I am highly convinced there is holy water or something magically in them because my skin absolutely loves it. I told them that I wanted soft skin like a newborn and it's only been a full week and my skin is RIDICULOUSLY soft! I've had my twin touch my skin to make sure that it wasn't all in my head and even she agrees that its soft and even started using my batch of products. I suffer with dry skin (except for my face) and my skin has yet to crack or peel again. My legs are eczema prone and were severely dry that I would wake up at night to scratch them; and they ended up bruising pretty badly. MatchaMe created a special mask for my legs and they are healing!!! I chose not to see a dermatologist again b/c I didn't want anymore chemicals (some products cause cancer and my doctor did warn me about it) and wanted only organic products. I have pictures capturing my progress and will post them when my legs are completely healed. I've been using the ODDC soap, the owl moisturizer butter bar, and a customized serum for my face, and a customized Fort Benton mask for my legs. My face is also looking and feeling really good too. I've never had acne and my skin is usually pretty clear but I do have an oily eczema prone face! The serum has balanced everything out. My face would be oiler than an oil mine; even in the winter and now it's just normal, which is great. Thank you soOo much Matchame for saving my life!!!!" ~ Cherisse Williams
"I'm so in love with the Chaga Latte Cream and the white chocolate vanilla moisturizing bar! I use them after every shower, and I smell like a combination of an herbal garden and a bakery. My skin feels amazing afterwards, that it even makes going to sleep more pleasant for me. I can't wait to try more beauty products from the shop. They are truly wonderful!"      ~ Holly Carr
"I love Matchame for the fabulous way it makes my skin feel. My face and body have never felt so nourished from the great products used in each and everything I have purchased." ~ Mary Benes
"I LOVE MatchaMe products!  My skin is very sensitive, so I have a hard time finding the perfect balance that works for my skin: something that will keep it moisturized and nourished, and at the same time make my skin feel very light and that it can breathe.  Both, the serum and the cream, are perfect!  I recommend her products to all of my friends and hope more people get to know her line.  It is absolutely beautiful!"  ~ Joanna Spero
"I am OBSESSED with the coffee soap. I will never stop buying it. I love the skin creme too. It is amazing. The little moisturizer that came in the tin was amazing but i used one heart in one that normal? I have abnormally dry skin. I don't even want to give the lemon scrub away. I left the other soap at home so I won't get to it till the fall. you are amazing. customerforlife!" ~ Carol Wong
"Every single thing I've tried has been wonderful. I use the Save the Bees soap on my face. My skin is so soft and I haven't had a breakout since I've begun using it. I've also been using less moisturizer because my skin is so much more hydrated and the soap doesn't strip when it cleanses. The sunscreen owls are an excellent sleep mask. I melt a little in my hands, then slather it on and go to sleep. The chocolate bourbon vanilla massage bars are amazing. I use them as a moisturizer right out of the shower. Instead of my usual routine of in shower lotion followed by lotion + body oil and sometimes also a body butter, I can use just the bar and be fine. It's really good for right after you shave too. The Casablanca Bazaar soap smells and looks so beautiful, I haven't had the heart to use it yet. So it sits in a special dish next to my perfume bottles. It's sink jewelry." ~ Ibidunni Ojikutu