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Sweetest Dreams - white chocolate vanilla moisturizing bars, 3 oz Each


~ Experience the beauties of nature, and in doing so learn about yourself. ~

Japanese proverb

Sweetest Dreams - white chocolate vanilla moisturizing bars, 3 oz Each

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Sweetest Dreams - white chocolate vanilla moisturizing bars, 3 oz Each


We created and designed these unique top-quality bars with children in mind. They smell like finest chocolate and can be used as massage bars. Gently massage into skin for the ultimate luxurious and calming experience.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: just like chocolate, these bars too can potentially melt in the summer heat during transit. Please place bars in the fridge immediately after receiving them so that plant oils can solidify. 

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Moisturizing bars are a very moisturizing body lotion in a solid form.

We use a blend of highest quality butters available. One of the main butters we use in this product is raw, unrefined organic cocoa butter. Cocoa Butter is a natural moisturizer that melts at room temperature which makes it ideal for your skin. Its health benefits come from its cocoa mass polyphenol. Cocoa butter, also called theobroma oil or theobroma cacao, is a pale-yellow, pure, edible vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean.  Bars are good for any skin type.

Ingredients will vary because we custom make each batch according to your own specific needs. The base for bars is made up of organic, raw, cold pressed butters and oils (coconut oil, east African shea butter, hemp oil, rosehip seed oil, black seed oil, castor oil), beeswax (soy vax for vegans), pure organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla pods.

Directions: Take the lotion bar into your hands and warm it. The heat emanating from the hands will melt a small portion of the bar. Rub the lotion onto face, neck and body. Another way to use the lotion bar is to apply the bar directly to areas in need of moisturizing. The bar can be rubbed on these areas until it heats and softens and some lotion transfers to the skin.

Great for:

- Gifts

- Everyday moisturizer

- Massage bar

- Aromatherapy kit

All of our items are handmade from natural ingredients. Each item has its unique design and its own personality. Due to handcrafting the size, color and shape may vary.

Safe and suitable for children.

Made in the USA