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DIY - Aloe Vera Gel

Jasmina Halimic


What you will need: 

Purified water 100 g

Vegetable glycerin 3 g

Freeze dried aloe vera powder 1 g

Agar agar  1 g

Safe preservative – Benzoylalcohol-DHA 0,5 g

Alternate recipe if you are using pure plant:

Aloe vera gel extracted from the plant directly – 95 g

Vegetable glycering 3g

Agar agar 1 g

Safe preservative – Benzylalcohol-DHA 0.5 g

How To:

First mix agar agar slowly, little by little into the glycerin (xanthan gum is a good substitute). Stir in the water and slowly adding the freeze-dried aloe. Continue mixing until fully dissolved.

Wait 15 min, stir again until the desired consistency is achieved and mix in the preservative.

If you are using the pure plant gel, all you need to do is replace the water in the previous recipe with aloe gel.

*Important to add * You will need to store the gel in a dark container because aloe oxidises rapidly.